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Mediderm Clinic Veldhuis

Clinic for all sorts of skin concerns & medical aesthetic



At Mediderm we work with dermal therapists. The dermal therapist is a paramedic who takes care of our largest organ: the skin. The working field for a dermal therapist is very wide ranged, young & old, can go to the dermal therapist with his or her skin concerns. From cosmetically indicated (such as skin improvement, removal of tattoos, excessive hair, skintags etc.), to medically indicated (such as severe acne, lymphedema, scars).

An important and large work area of the dermal therapist is not only treating the skin condition, but also providing information & advice, coaching in lifestyle and behavioral change and stimulating self-management in chronic skin conditions. In addition, a preventive visit to the dermal therapist is also possible to prevent, for example, a problem or worsening thereof.

As a result, the dermal therapist works multidisciplinary as often as possible with, among others, the general practitioner, dermatologist, oncologist and other paramedics.

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