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Granny Mati’s Drinks

Small local company that produces healthy drinks



We are a micro-business that rescues the traditional, handcrafted healthy drinks and beverages that our forefathers used to make at home for their families. This is why this small business carries the loving name of Granny Mati's Drinks.

We honor a brave farmer lady who taught the next generation of her family the art of making traditional fermented drinks with the same love.


It’s a fresh and sweet beverage. A fermented drink rich in probiotics made with either green or black tea. Its taste is based on natural fruits, aromatic herbs and spices. Granny Mati’s Drinks Kombucha brings a balance between aroma and taste that will make you forget any other drinks that you’ve had before. We have 7 available flavors: Natural, Memories, Hibiscus, Orange Winds, Aruba Hot, Berries and Pure Energy. They don’t have alcohol, preservatives or artificial colors.

Why is it good to drink Kombucha?

Kombucha contributes to your healthy lifestyle thanks to the benefits of fermentation that stimulate a good working balance of your digestive system.

What is a probiotic?

We know probiotics as the bacteria that benefit your health. They defend our intestines and protect our body from illness, since they help our body to better assimilate the nutrients we ingest. Probiotics help eliminate, in a natural way, the toxic byproducts of excessive medicine consumption. They keep our digestive system clean and they are a fabric of vitamins. Meaning, they help improve our digestion. They strengthen your immune system and help you produce enzymes.

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