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About the Campaign

The #PufferFishFace movement was created to instantly create “light” by putting smiles on the faces of people fighting physical, emotional and/or mental illnesses.

Join us in this campaign, make a puffer fish face, alone or with friends, share it online and show your support.

If the puffer fish face can make someone with terminal bone cancer smile, it can do the same to you. Whatever you’re going through.

The story behind...

"When I was in the hospital in the middle of battling several tumors and a terminal diagnosis, I was struggling to find hope and a reason to smile. My daughter made a puffer fish face at me and encouraged me to do it too, and that was able to make me laugh. Now, I encourage everyone I meet to show off their puffer fish faces – it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and to the people around you!"


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